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ATF Cracker - 2014

Back in high school, I had to pass an exam in a class named "typing with all ten fingers". I wasn't very good at typing on a keyboard quickly and without mistakes, and I would have failed miserably if I couldn't have helped myself. After a brief internal moral deliberation, I created a JAVA application that corrected all my mistakes and successfully finished the class with an A!

ATF Cracker

We used a so-called "ATF", a program used for teaching to type on a computer keyboard. It also had functionality for writing exams, where typing mistakes were recorded to a text file and relayed to a teacher's computer using a school's local network.


My application, ATF Cracker, located the correct text file with my mistakes and corrected every single one I made.

ATF Cracker

Genuinely practicing my typing skills would have definitely also worked, but this was a bit easier, and since our teacher was a real b**ch, I regret absolutely nothing:)

Source code here
User guide (deprecated) here