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ATF Cracker - 2014

Back in high school I've had to pass an exam from "typing with all ten fingers". I wasn't very good at typing on a keyboard quickly and without mistakes and I would have failed miserably. So I've created JAVA application, which has been correcting all my mistakes... and you know what? I've got an A!

ATF Cracker

We have been using ATF. It is a program in which you could learn typing, you could see all the mistakes you have done and you could write exams. And of course, teacher could see your results.


So I've created ATF Cracker. It's a simple application that waited until I've finished the exam and then it corrected every mistake I made. Simple enough, since all the results were stored on school's network storage in a plain text form.

ATF Cracker

This is how I cheated through all my typing exams... but to be fair, the teacher was a b**ch, so it somewhat evens out.

Source code here
User guide (for students like me) here