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We've repeated our presence at ROBOSOUTEZ with the same team as last year (me, Martin Scheubrein, and Martin Chmelar). The task was very similar: robots were navigating inside a maze. This year, however, you gained 1 point for each visited tile only after the tile was activated using a magnet. You would also lose 1 point if an already activated tile was (de)activated again.


Because the task was almost identical, we've recycled a big chunk of the software and robot design we'd used the year before. And we've focused more on polishing everything to minimize potential issues.


In the 4th qualifying round, we've ended up in 2nd place (last year we were first). However, in the final round, we've managed to reach an absolutely awesome 3rd place!

Our best result yet, the 3rd best team in the Czech Republic! Consequently, it was also the last time we could have taken part in the contest, but we've definitely managed to finish with success.