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Kebab maker - 2015

I've really come around to the taste of kebab meat. After a while, some ideas about building something myself came around, and recently, I decided to actually go for it. I've had no experience in building kitchen appliances, but how hard can it be?

Kebab maker

Gas was out of option, so I've settled on four tubes from infrared heaters as my heat source. Each infrared tube is rated at 450 Watts, making it 1.8kW total, about as much as an electric kettle. The meat is rotated slowly by a 12V motor with a transfer case, originally used for car wipers, for which the 12V is provided by a common pc power source. And finally, everything is held together with bolts, nuts, and bent sheet metal.

Kebab maker - parts

The design could be improved a bit. For example, the sheet metal suffers from a significant heat expansion after a while of cooking, which makes the whole structure slightly warp and twist. However, the power output is exactly spot on for making enough kebab for dinner in a couple of minutes. Just turn it on, and Om nom nom nom...

Kebab maker