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Presentation Remote - 2013

This handy device is helpful whenever you have to presentate somewhere. It is always annoying when you are walking around the room and at one point (usually far from the keyboard) you realize, that you have to switch to the next slide. Unfortunately, presentation remotes are not available everywhere so you may need to bring one with yourself. And since I hadn't had any device, I have made one.

Presentation Remote

The transmitter contains 3V CR2032 battery, Attiny13 processor, 433Mhz transmitter module, 4 buttons and a lot of glue. Current is floating only if at least one of the button is pressed, so the battery lasts quite long.

Presentation Remote - transmitter

The 4 buttons are used as follows: upper two represents left and right arrow (previous/next slide), bottom two represents F5 (start presentation) and B (pause presentation) keys. But it's simple to change it in firmware to any keys on a keyboard.

Presentation Remote - transmitter

Receiver is made out of 433Mhz receiver module and Attiny85. Microcontroller emulates common USB keyboard (using V-USB library) and if the signal from 433Mhz receiver module matches one of the 4 programmed patterns (for every button on transmitter), it emulates a key press.

Presentation Remote - receiver

Firmwares and schematics: here