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Siemens SX 2.0 - 2012

This is my first big project. It has a lot of flaws and overall the robot is not perfect in any way. But I have learned a lot during building, especially the interaction between the real world and my code.

Siemens SX 2.0 is able to follow line, avoid obstacles and do some basic stuff with camera vision, like go to particularly colored object. It is equipped with 3 IR obstacle sensors, 2 bumpers, 4 IR line sensors, 2 motors, 2 servo motors, bluetooth and a camera. Program runs on Siemens CX75 in J2ME environment and it's powered by 4 AA rechargeable batteries located on the bottom side.

Siemens SX 2.0

In the following video I control the robot via bluetooh, take a picture from the camera and blink with the LED diode.

All sensors, buttons, motor driver and other hardware things are connected to Atmega8 and Attiny2313 microcontrollers, and they are connected through a serial port with the J2ME application in Siemens CX75. J2ME application has therefore access to motors and all sensors and has also access to bluetooth and camera inside the cell phone.

Siemens SX 2.0 - back

The cell phone is mounted on 2 servo motors, so it can pan and tilt the camera. Frankly that isn't the best solution, because the cell phone is unstable and the robot is far more fragile.

Siemens SX 2.0 - servos

But after all it was a great learning tool that had taught me more then anything before.

And as you could have guessed, Siemens SX 2.0 isn't the first version. There was actually an earlier version based on Siemens C65 cell phone. It didn't have any sensors and it lacked bluetooth. It was just a camera and 2 motors.

Siemens 1.0

First version could do some camera vision stuff but the lack of sensors was quite limiting, hence the upgrade.

With the first version I have took part in a robotic contest named Istrobot and ended up in a great 3rd place.
It was my first success in the field of electrical engineering and it definitely pushed me forward!