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BEAM robots - 2009

So this is something like my origin story... I'm just kidding, but back in my early days I wasn't really able to make... well, anything. But with a little bit of coinfidence and a little bit of luck I discovered BEAM robotics, which is basicaly the easiest way to build robots. And from there I went further and further till I become the freak I'm now.

My first attempt to made something looked like this

BEAM robot 1

It was a BEAM robot that moved forward in the sun. Very slowly, but moved. It was badly constructed and looked horribly. But it worked!

Second try wasn't much better, but at least it pushed me to make more of these terrifying things!

BEAM robot 2

The third machine was a little bit smarter and moved towards the sun, not just forward.

BEAM robot 3

And because winter came along and the sun was not strong enough to power motors, the next BEAM robot had to carry a rechargeable battery on his back.

BEAM robot 4

After that I have focused more on learning to code so I haven't made a BEAM robot ever since. But even today, thay have a special place in my heart :)